Commercial Drone Surveys and Aerial Photography

Drone Surveys conducts building inspections, roof surveys and aerial photography for a range of clientele on commercial, domestic and industrial sites. Using the latest technology in drone and camera equipment, we provide a fast and effective diagnosis of issues that can be effecting your property.

Why use drones for surveys?

A drone is an unmanned aerial (UAV), that is controlled by pilot remotely. Built out of a light composite material to increase manoeuvrability, titanium and magnesium alloys to increase the rigidity of the air frame. Featuring dual-band satellite positioning (GPS and GLONASS) to navigate difficult environments and 2-directional obstacle sensing to prevent our drones from colliding with structures. Our pilots are fully qualified in all legislation set out by the civil aviation authority, with the health and safety of the public and other aerial vehicles in mind. Our drones are fitted with a 20 MP sensor camera that is mounted onto a 3-point axis gimbal to increase stability providing clear, clean and smooth video footage to increase the accuracy of a diagnostic.


Faster and cleaner

By utilising the latest drone technology, Drone Surveys are able to operate faster in comparison to more traditional methods. Using expensive fixed structures such as scaffolding or large plant equipment, only small areas can be covered at one time however by using drones, large areas can be covered in a much shorter time frame whilst being cleaner and less intrusive for a business. Areas that are too dangerous for human contact inspections or are inaccessible can be surveyed and documented with ease, creating a much safer working environment whilst being more cost effective.

Out pilots are experienced estimators who combine their knowledge and the flexibility that drones offer, allowing our pilots to focus on key areas that they believe to be points of interest; as a result, a more accurate and highly detailed diagnostic can be created.

However, our services are also inclusive of domestic site, whether that be looking at missing tiles or damaged guttering.


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